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Turning Japanese


Well, good friends and family - we made it. After a minor delay in departure due to a visit from our evil little buddy, the stomach flu, we are now in Kyoto, Japan. Thanks to Jeanne for the early bird ride to the airport! Deb's brother, Uncle "t-bone" Travis met us at the Osaka aiport. A sight for tired and queasy eyes, Trav helped us navigate the Japanese Rail system and find our "quaint" Kyoto hotel. It is a Japanese style room consisting of basically 5 futon beds lined up on the floor. All was well until around 3am when both boys decided it was time to get up. Needless to say, we all are still a bit tired, but thrilled to be on our way after so much planning and dreaming. It hasn't really sunk in quite yet, the scope and length of this journey, but getting started is a great way to begin. More to come on the wonders of Japan, funky vending machines, cool micro cars, great food, orderly and polite people...

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Countdown to Departure!

Less than one month and counting...


Let's check the To Do list for today:

-Quit Job
-Get Japanese Encephalitis shot
-Sell cars
-Learn Vietnamese
-Rent house
-Buy underwear
-Pack Legos
-Get another shot
-Leave, already!!!

We are getting close and are very thankful to everyone for the outpouring of support and help. This is a wild and crazy idea, but sometimes we all need a little wild and crazy. Meet us somewhere along the way if you can and don't worry, you'll be hearing from us!

-The Crawfords

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