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Home Sweet Home



Howdy from America!

Never have the words "home sweet home" meant so much to us as they do this week. On our 300th day (exactly!) we headed home from London to Portland. We're all feeling a mix of emotions being home, like "did we just do that?" or "we WERE gone a really long time!", but mostly we are thrilled to have a home, friends and lives to return to.

For some reason, after all of our careful saving and budgeting for this adventure, we ended up spending our last couple of weeks in 2 of the most expensive cities on the planet. After a fun and sunny week in Provence, we headed for Paris and once again braved the summer tourist crowds in the City of Light. Highlights were frequent trips to the Eiffel Tower (near our hotel), regular morning visits to the patisserie for croissants and pain au chocolat and a trip to one of Emmett's favorites, Playmobil Park.

From Paris, we headed for London. We spent far more time negotiating the Paris train system and Charles De Gaulle Airport than actually flying, but finally made it on Aug. 1. Highlights in London were the Tate Modern Museum, good English beer and a visit to Platform 9 3/4 at King's Cross Station (you Harry Potter fans know what I'm talking about...).

And now home in Portland...thanks to Deb's sister Tristin for meeting us at the airport (and for the goody box!). It's amazing how quickly we have all settled back into our house again and we are all thrilled by even the smallest things: familiar bed, home cooked meals and clothes that are NOT the same we've been wearing for 10 months.

(soapbox statement follows) As we all know, global climate change is an issue we can no longer ignore. We've experienced that first hand as nearly every place we visited was having "unusual" weather as the earth is trying to cope. We've calculated the "carbon profile" for our trip and are using a web-based group called Climate Care to offset our emissions by funding sustainable energy proects. We encourage you, as you make your future travel plans or even after you travel, to do the same. The site is www.climatecare.org.

Thanks to you, faithful blog-reader, we've had over 11,000 hits on this site! Words cannot express our thanks for the support we've received from our family and friends during this adventure. Even though there were only 4 of our traveling, we felt you all there along with us!

Bon Voyage for now...

-The Crawford Family

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The Hills are Alive...



Bonjour from Provence!

After a generous, fun filled stay with Mirjam in Rotterdam, we headed to the Eastern part of The Netherlands to the town of Enschede to visit even more friends! We met Nicoline and Sander while in Belize last year on our "trial trip" and took them up on their offer to come and stay. While there we toured the countryside by bicycle, shopped at Nicoline's store, visited a Saturday market and played a lot of games with their daughter 4 year old daughter Mara. Again - showered with kindness!

From The Netherlands we headed to Germany for a stay in a castle along the Rhine River. We explored hidden passageways, went for a beautiful hike, ate our fill or Schnitzel and Spatzel, and wandered the rolling hills and forests the country had to offer (a welcome break from the big cities we've been visiting). Oliver spent a good part of the afternoon collecting wildflowers and Emmett built a fort of branches.

Our next stop was Ulm, Germany where we stayed with a giving Servas family, Franz and Renate, who opened their doors to us after we spent an exciting day at Legoland playing and building. We then zipped down the highway to Freiburg where my (Debi's) brother resides during the summer months. We stayed in the city proper for a few nights in a friend's house before heading out to the countryside where Travis lives with a family of 5. Among other things, we celebrated Emmett's 5th birthday, helped feed the cows, picked wild mushrooms, blueberries, and raspberries and had great meals with Tamara, Markus, Mika and the twins.

Today we are ending a glorious week with Keith's entire family outside the small French Provencial town of Cazan. His parents host a reunion somewhere fabulous every two years - a wonderful way to keep the brothers and all of the cousins connected. The beautiful weather has kept us swimming, dining in the cool of the evening with fresh local cuisine and getting to know one another again. What a treat!

Tomorrow we head to Paris to 4 nights, then London for 4 more before returning home. Wishing you all the same blessings at home that have been bestowed upon us here...The Crawfords

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Gyros, Gondolas, Gelato & Gaudi

European Vacation...Crawford Style



Groeten from The Netherlands!

We are fast approaching our ninth month on the road and are all starting to feel a bit anxious for home. We have 5 weeks left to go (fly home August 5) and are excited about the final adventures awaiting us, determined to enjoy every one.

We also wanted to share with you all some of "realities" of travel that don't make their way into the bright and wonderful world of our blog. To be honest, travelling constantly with 2 young kids for a long period of time has its challenges. We've had our share of long bus rides, questionable accomodations and unrecognizable food. Just recently we got on the wrong train, had to hop off at the next stop and spend a fortune on a taxi to race to the airport to catch a flight. We have had more than a few meals where Emmett would order only bread for lack of a better choice. Not to mention the frequent trips to bathrooms that nearly defy description. Top that off with 24/7 family togetherness for 270 days (we love each other dearly but that is a LOT of togetherness) and you've got an idea of some of our challenges. These, however, are the challenges that have made us all appreciate the good old USA (despite the current administration), our city, our friends, our family and mostly each other.

Now, back to the fun... After our last entry we spent a few relaxed days on the island of Syros, Greece. We explored the beaches, rented scooters and enjoyed the great food (yogurt with honey, fresh seafood and gyros).

We then spent 2 great weeks in Italy arriving first in Milan from Greece. Our highlights there were a local pizza place near our hotel (best pizza we've had yet, claims Emmett) and seeing Da Vinci's "Last Supper". We had made reservations weeks before - a must in tourist choked Italy. The painting covers a wall in a small, unassuming church (in what used to be the dining hall of the monks) and is just spectacular.

From Milan we travelled by train to Venice. We stayed in a great old hotel there and enjoyed roaming the narrow pathways, watching how life works in a city with water streets and finding the best gelato shop. We finally decided to splurge and took a gondola ride (80€ or about $110 for 35 minutes!) but it was fun and a great way to learn about the city.

We then travelled to Florence, an amazing city full of history and incredible art. Deb found an apartment for us to rent about 3 blocks from the Duomo. We ate most of our meals in (a treat for us at this point) and the boys enjoyed having a place to call home for a few days. We climbed the Duomo tower (465 steps!), visited the Uffizi gallery (Michaelangelo and Botticelli) and took long walks after dinner.

Our final destination in Italy was Rome. We had booked 2 cabins in a campground in a suburb of Rome as a break from the crowds and city. It had a good pool (which was necessary as it was hot!) and the boys enjoyed having some room to run around. We travelled into Rome (shuttle bus to train, train to subway, subway into city) and joined the masses in visiting the Colesseum and Vatican City. We were all amazed to hear about the crazy events that used to take place in the Colesseum (not the least of which was a fight between a man and a hippo!) The Sistine Chapel is truly incredible and we were glad we braved the crowd and heat to see it.

We then flew from Rome to Barcelona, Spain and a different sort of week. I was fortunate enough to have some good buddies from home fly over to join me for our first ever "International Boys Trip". We had fun taking in the sights, trying the local sangria and even managed a round of pitch-and-putt golf. Travis Dietz joined Deb and the boys (2nd time so far this trip!) at an apartment and they had fun navigating the subway and exploring the architect Gaudi's works like The Sagrada Familia Cathedral, just blocks from their place.

Last night we flew to Amsterdam and are now visiting Deb's friend Mirjam and her family (with whom we also met up in Portugal earlier) in Rotterdam. We are again enjoying unbelievable kindness of our friends as Mirjam has provided us with a place to stay, use of a car and is a great host teaching about all things Dutch.

We look forward to seeing a lot of our friends and family in August when we return and hope you all are having a fabulous summer.

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Little by Little...

Working the Moroccan Way



Yassas from Greece!

On May 10th, we left Portugal making our way to Malaga, Spain to meet my parents: Bill and Barb Dietz. On the way, we made a stop in Seville taking in a dramatic Flamenco show (which an exhausted Emmett slept through). We spent a week relaxing with G-ma and G-pa at a condo on the beach; playing mini-golf, eating in, learning how to make sangria and catching up with the folks - (thanks mom & dad!).

From there we flew to Melilla, Spain (an ancient enclave still owned by the Spanish on the northern tip of Africa) where we were met by an old teaching friend of mine, Melodie, before travelleing into Morocco. The border crossing was colorful and one of our more memorable: smugglers with everything from sneakers to cereal, families returning home and a guy with a fridge on his back (!) all sharing the dusty road into Morocco.

From the border we travelled to the city of Fes where we spent the day wandering the Medina (old walled city) taking in the exotic sights, sounds and smells. The Tannery, where they soften and color animal hides, was fascinating. We were all given branches of mint to hold under our noses while we toured around to block out the smell. Donkeys carried loads and people through narrow streets as men answered the Muslim call to prayer and headed towards the mosques.

Next we made our way to Izemouren where the non-profit group "Friends of the Rif" is based. This small group of workers is helping rebuild several mountain villages after a devestating earthquake in 2004. Our friend Melodie has been there for 7 years and welcomed us into their home to live and work for 10 days. While there, sharing the 2 bathrooms with 20 people, we white-washed houses, carried rocks, mixed and poured a concrete floor, picked and shoveled a foundation, all by hand, Moroccan style. We enjoyed interacting with the Rifi people (the local kids loved drawing, playing dice games and building Legos with the boys) and picking up a few Arabic words along the way.

After a few hours of work in the morning, the family on whose house we were working would bring out sweet mint tea, flat bread and olive oil as thanks. Lunch time was shared with the Moroccan workers in the new building soon to be a Community Center, scooping up Chicken Tagine with our hands. One lucky day they prepared for us goat organs and testicles - yum!

During our stay we were all refueled in different ways. Oliver loved the volunteer group visiting from Arizona and the full-time guys from England and the U.S. (always someone to play a game with). Keith and I enjoyed working outside and interacting with and meeting new people - including rekindling a friendship with Melodie (keep up the great work Mel and keep practicing your ping-pong!). Emmett was happy to unpack his backpack and stay put in one place for 10 days. Both Oliver and I celebrated birthdays this week that neither of us will ever forget. We were all blessed by Melodie, Tom, Nate, Joey, Danni, Danni, Musa, Big Mo, Smalls, Brian, Siham, Selawa and the villagers.

Today we are relaxing on the Galissa Beach on the island of Syros, Greece after traveling through 4 countries in 4 days to get here. Soon we will be off for Italy - there's still time to book that flight to meet us! Missing you all...

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Big Birds, Chardonnay and Castles



Bom Dia from Portugal!

We've returned to the northern hemisphere this month and are all happily enjoying spring time in Portugal. So far our plan of following the sun is working out well as we've had either spring or summer since we left Portland in October.

During the last week of April we finished our time in South Africa along the Garden Route. We watched, fed and the boys even rode Ostriches in the Ostrich capital of the world, Oudtshoorn. We then spent a couple of days in the "Napa Valley of S. Africa" - a town called Franschhoek wishing our wine friends (you know who you are!) were there with us to enjoy some of the fantastic local vintage. Finally, we returned to Cape Town for one last tour - a sobering and moving visit to Robben Island, the prison where Nelson Mandela spent 18 years behind bars. A former political prisoner was our tour guide who shared his story - his spirit of hope and reconciliation was inspiring for us all.

We then flew from Cape Town to Lisbon, Portugal - a beautiful, vibrant, fun city and a great place from which to start exploring Latin Europe. Our Portuguese friend and former Portlander, Patricia Gaspar met us in Lisbon and helped us navigate the city, the menus and the sights. We then drove north to the city of Leiria, Patricia's hometown. Oliver got to spend a day working with Patricia, helping teach English to the local kids. Her family has a beach house in nearby Pedrogao that they graciously offered us as a home base for our visit here. Once again, our friends have shown incredible kindness and generosity. Patricia even did some babysitting for us so we could enjoy a rare night out...Obrigada!

We were joined for a few days by our friends from The Netherlands: Mirjam, Marc, Isabel and Carsten. It was nice for us all to have some friends join us here as we visited the local sights including The Monastery at Batalha, the walled city of Obidos, the University town of Coimbra and the Leiria Castle. The Leiria area is also home to the famous Chapel of Fatima - where, as legend has it, 3 young shepherds were visited by The Lady of The Rosary and then many people witnessed a miracle on May 13, 1917. As this day draws nearer, we are seeing many pilgrims walking (and some crawling on their knees) towards Fatima from the surrounding areas.

We continue our adventure as we head for Spain on May 12th. Missing you all and wishing you a warm and beautiful spring...

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